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All Boxed In: Oxford, Pt. Three

August 6, 2010

On the last day in Oxford, we slept in. All the way to 9:30 AM! Unfortunately, in my sleep-deprived and sweat-soaked state, my noncommittal mumblings as we headed back to the hotel were construed as a “no” to the question, “should we go to BBB tomorrow morning before our walkthrough?”


I wasn’t feeling well that night, so in retrospect, it was probably for the best.

Side Note: I saw one of my professors in the English office yesterday and amongst the idle chat, she mentioned that she had read an article that stated that the only thing more physiologically stressful than moving was the death of a parent. For some reason I can believe that.

Ben’s tour went great and he loved the house. It is a two-story town house ten minutes off campus, with yellow walls and wood floors downstairs. The master has its own bathroom and a balcony as well as being fairly large. The other two rooms, however, leave something to be desired. But all in all, the house gets the Lisa stamp of approval (for whatever that’s worth).

We hung around the house for a bit just looking around and making plans for the move. The house had just come on the market and had only a cursory glance by the realtor. The walls needed to be touched up from the last owner and the painters had come early to try to finish before we moved in. It wasn’t until later, however, that we realized they painted the upstairs bedrooms (which were a standard taupe) with the yellow from the downstairs, creating a sickly, streaky off-color blend of yellow and taupe. Calls were frantically made and we were promised they’d be back to fix it.

As the painters were still there, we decided we were unable to move Ben’s things in so we decided to head out to lunch. Oxford, a Southern Mecca of delectable dinners, is also home to some…less than reputable eateries.

And that includes China Royal.

Aren't you jealous? Yeah, neither am I.

Situated next to Big Star (yes, THAT Big Star), this hole in the wall is a two-room box where decor goes to die. The stark walls and plastic tables are accentuated by three long buffets of the oddest mix of what is supposedly Chinese, Japanese, and American cuisine. This includes but is not limited to Egg Rolls, unidentifiable meat and broccoli, congealed mac & cheese, and the ubiquitous banana pudding (what I believe to be an ancient Chinese delicacy). China Royal is also the humble home to the most amazing blend of food items since PB&J, SushiPuddingJello.

Let’s just say I was less than impressed. Because really, China Royal rates low even on Chinese Buffet lists. But for what it was worth (at a very low price, Thank God), it wasn’t bad.

We went back to Ben’s after that…scrumptious lunch to begin moving the truck full of furniture and boxes. Ben, citing “errands,” disappeared shortly after, leaving the three girls with the terrifying feat of unloading the truck ourselves. Now, this was not a directive handed down to us from Ben, but there was nothing else to do and time (what turned out to be hours of still unidentified “errands”) to kill.

And that's at 7:25 PM! Imagine what it was like at 2 inside that tiny little death box.

We moved quickly because the heat was staggering. It is shocking how much sweat feels like melted brain, and this horrifying realization forced us to take frequent breaks (refuge) from the mind-numbing heat.

The couch was a key piece of furniture to unpack.

We ended up emptying the entire truck save for one desk that I swear must have been made from a tree cut down by Paul Bunyan himself. Seriously, this solid oak desk must have weighed upwards of 150 pounds and there was now way in hell we could (or would) move this monstrosity.

There is granite under all those boxes.

Alex beat Ben back to the house and as we had already moved the vas majority of Ben’s things, we took a break and hung around for a bit. Finally, Ben showed up from whatever movie he had been to (though he says he was dealing with utilities…likely story) and decided to help out. He and Lindsay moved all of his bedroom furniture upstairs before attacking the desk silently baking outside in the truck. Lauren and I stood back, feigning uselessness, and watched as the desk was oh-so-slowly moved up the narrow stairs into Ben’s bedroom.

Awkkkkkward Space.

Now the house just needed staging. We set up Ben’s bedroom before calling it a night. Weak and red-faced, we made our way back to the condo to gather the last of our things and get my car. During this time, Ben somehow convinced us to make one last trip by his new place with a backseat full of stuff. We acquiesced as it was on our way back to Jackson. Before we finally left, we made Ben’s bed (per my mother’s instructions), hugged Izzy, stole the remaining cookies my mother sent us with, and waved goodbye.


The trip back was slow and punctuated only with a stop in Grenada for food. We were incredibly glad to get back, eat something that wasn’t deep-fried, and get a good night’s sleep.

The lesson I learned in all of this: Next time Ben asks for moving help, go out of town.

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  1. August 7, 2010 2:57 pm

    Agreed about going out of town! It was so hot that day. Geez. I feel significantly better about my muscles after last weekend though.

  2. Aunt Diane permalink
    August 7, 2010 4:31 pm

    What good sisters/friends you are. If Ben didn’t kiss your feet, he should have!!!!!! Hopefully ya’lls stomachs have recoverd from the grease fest 🙂

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