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You Got It, Baby I Want It…Deep Fried: Oxford Pt. Three

August 2, 2010

One of the solutions offered by the rental company involved looking at another one of their available houses. Ben picked us up from the hotel and took us past hills and fields and oddly named auto dealership. The house, a townhouse very much like our’s in Starkville, actually looked really nice. We haven’t been able to see the bedrooms (or, you know, inside past peeping through the blinds), but it has definite potential. Especially since the last house (currently still occupied by ECL) was not in the best location. The townhouse is about ten minutes off campus and we’ll get to see it tomorrow at nine.

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for more downtime. We hadn’t eaten lunch (as we had a fairly large, late breakfast), but Lauren and I were feeling snacky. While debating on what to do, Lauren came across the most brilliant solution: the Heavy Chevy. The Heavy Chevy is an Oxford staple, nicknamed as such due to the deep-fried nature of all of its food. Faced with the greasy glass window peering into the crispy golden heaven that is the Heavy Chevy’s food counter, we chose randomly and smartly.

Two chicken-on-a-sticks, one fried (of course) burrito, and one chipito (a longer, cheese filled version of the traditional taquito filled with chicken). We brought our haul back to Lindsay to split. She was shocked by the amount of grease on the bag alone, but I saw no leftovers afterwards. I am glad I could introduce them to such an Oxford landmark.

We hung around the room for another two hours or so before Ben swung by the hotel to pick us up and take us to another Oxford (sort-of) establishment: Old Taylor Grocery. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure why the general Oxford area favors Groceries so much (including Big Star), but they seem to work. I’ve always loved Old Taylor and tonight was no different. We went early when the place was pretty empty and the waitstaff was not (yet) homicidal towards their patrons.

I think someone got to this wall before me...

I signed my name (with a little bird drawing) on the table. This is not the first time I’ve signed something at Old Taylor (wall, table, guestbook) and it hopefully won’t be my last. Unfortunately, someone was at the table against the wall I last left my totally unique message of “Lisa wuz here, yo.” [No, not really. I’m an English major.]

The food, as always, was great. We ate the gourmet appetizer of sausage and cheddar cubes (and jalapenos and BBQ sauce) and Lauren and I dined on lettuce dipped in dressing (a salad, I think…). But as always, the main event was catfish.

Ah yeah.

After Old Taylor, we went back to the condo to pack. And pack. And drink water. And pack. Lindsay, ever helpful, too several lovely screenshots of the temperature/heat index to explain just why we all went through a pack of water and feared heat exhaustion.

Just a small portion of the boxes.

Seriously. The cutest dog ever. Sorry, Kings.

The entire time, Dash lay splayed on the couch (while Izzy cried in her crate because she can’t be trusted not to get underfoot). I think he was mocking us.

Finally, at midnight, we headed back to the hotel to pass out. Unfortunately, Lin wasn’t feeling well and we were all still a little dehydrated, so we promptly headed back out to Walgreens for medicine and Gatorade (and chocolate…don’t judge). We drove through the deserted streets of Oxford before turning in for the (Oh God, I hope) last time tonight.

I think we could fill an entire recycling bin with all the water we drank.

So that is goodnight (or good morning, I guess, because I’m going to post this tomorrow but speaking in future tense freaks me out).

P.S.: And damnit, I’m still jonesing for my BBB.

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  1. janet mcmurtray permalink
    August 2, 2010 10:46 am

    I am so glad to know that my hard-earned cash is funding the Oxford grease economy! Really, that is a whole lot of fried food in just a couple of days. Just saying….. Although some of it (not the Heavy Chevy) looks pretty good!

  2. August 3, 2010 10:59 am

    I lovingly referred to our nightstand as the “hydration station” and I loved it. I’m still thirsty. lol.

  3. August 4, 2010 10:04 am

    I think my heart still hurts from the grease.
    Food was good, but I’m glad to be done moving!

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