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Oxford Ahoy! Pt. One

August 1, 2010

This weekend (this long, long weekend) I went to go help my brother move from his condo to a house. I went up Friday afternoon for dinner and “packing” (which, for all intents and purposes, involved a lot of sitting around/watching my brother play video games/watching tv lightly peppered with the occasional box packing).

To preface, I briefly lived in Oxford during my Freshmen year at Ole Miss (before I transferred to State), and as such, I am well aware of the veritable buffet of dining options. But because I haven’t been here in a number of years, new restaurants were bound to pop up.

We (my brother and I) joined to of his friends at Big Bowl for an amazing Thai meal (Chicken Pad Thai for me and Green Curry for Ben, both of which we swapped mid-meal to try the other’s). Much eating and inappropriate conversation ensued. And yes, we were glared at by a neighboring family.

Afterwards, we went back to Ben’s place where I played with Izzy (Ben’s dog) and Dash (his roommate’s dog) and packed a box or two before passing out on the couch.

The next morning, we started early (there is a 9 in the morning, too! Who knew?) and hung around until getting an early lunch at Handy Andy’s. Like any good Barbecue place, I could probably order a whole cow for under $20 (now, I’ve just got to find someone to eat it).

After, we packed some more while waiting for Lindsay and Lauren to join us with the moving truck from Jackson. Let’s just say, two and half hours, Mississippi heat (and hills), and no cruise control. I’m sure you can find more later over at Geezie Creezie.

And of course, what else could we do, but eat?

By the way, Ben thinks it is a cute trick to drive off while one or more members of his party are not in the car but luckily, I had my keys this time. Lauren and I hopped in and sped off, leaving a surprised (and hopefully amused) Ben and Lindsay behind. And they STILL beat us!

Dinner was a cornucopia of cheese sauce and deep-fried meats, as most Mexican restaurants are, while sharing gossip (for the girls) and laughing at our cattiness (for everyone).

Because there is not enough space at Ben’s for all of us, Lin, Lauren, and I got to stay at The Inn at Ole Miss. It is the first time I’ve ever stayed there and it is shockingly nice (and I say this as I sit on a fluffy white bed watching questionable television and cranking up the A/C).

Tomorrow morning (this morning), we are meeting at BBB (Big Bad Breakfast, from the owners of the always delicious City Grocery) before finishing packing.

More later (hopefully including better pictures),


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  1. August 3, 2010 10:42 am

    That was a rockin’ hotel. Just sayin’. Also, email me the pictures from your camera (and forward those from Lin) when you get the chance and I will totes post!


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