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Getting Crafty

July 16, 2010

Like going to the gym, blogging is a tiring but rewarding exercise. And by exercise, I mean sitting in front of my laptop trying to think of something to write. It’s more of a mental thing. Usually between playing on Facebook and checking my Google Reader.

So, today, boys and girls (okay…mom…), I’m going to discuss home decor.

So, girls… We are planning a sort of redecoration for my sister’s room, slated to be transformed into the girliest of girliest of all things: a Scrapbook room. And I’ll go ahead and out myself. I’m at my Grandparent’s. Scrapbooking.

The plan is to paint the walls dove gray with one wall being painted with chalk board paint. This is something that has been talked about frequently on design blogs and something that I’ve always wanted to do (because let’s admit it, I love doodling).

A local bakery in Jackson has transformed their chalkboard wall into something a bit more unique. They’ve taken cheap frames, spray painted them a metallic silver, and filled the empty space with happy quotes. I’m going to ignore the fact that 3/4 of these will, most likely, be filled with highly inappropriate comments.

The question now is how to organize. I’m an organization whore. I file. I alphabetize. I obsessively rearrange my documents. Add my love of ikea to this and forget about it. I’ve been thinking of a room similar to this:

See the 12×12 paper selves? Love. Yep. It’s Ikea Expedit. It’s cheap, cute, and efficient. Now I’ve just got to convince Lindsay to move her bed, dresser, and nightstand out. Sleeping is for pansies.

But if you want to see a blog post about beautiful modern design that isn’t about something as…dorky…as scrapbooking, check out my blogroll (particularly Apartment Therapy). If I could marry a website…well, this one would decorate my house, clean it, and cook dinner.

Now, I have to go organize my paper.

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